Student Exchange Program




International Youth Association of Japan - K.S.K.K. (Kokusai Seishonen Kenshu Kyokai) 

7-15-4 Nishi-gotanda Shinagawa-ku 141-0031, Tokyo, Japan 

Tel: 03-6417-9721 / Fax: 03-6417-9724





Program Overview: 

The Office of the Mayor of Saipan has been promoting friendship, respect, peace and mutual understanding between Saipan and Japan through its Student Cultural Exchange Program. In the KSKK Japan Trip, the students will have the opportunity to visit Tokyo to learn and experience the daily lifestyle, culture, customs, and language of the Japanese people. The trip is organized by the KSKK group and is annually held in autumn during the month of November. 


How to apply: 

Download Application Form Here or visit the Office of the Mayor at CTC Building, Teer Drive, Oleai


Eligibility Requirement and Terms: 

1. Full-time middle school or high school student (grades 6-12) in a recognized public or private school.

2. Student must be born in Saipan

3. Applications must be completed and submitted to the Mayor's Office before the given date of deadline. Applications will be reviewed and considered on a first come, first serve basis.  

4. The airfare shall be paid no later than the given date of deadline upon approval by the Student Exchange Program Coordinator. If payment is not made in full by deadline, he/she will be dropped from the program and the slot will be given to the next applicant accordingly. 

5. Absolutely No Refunds will be issued after tickets have been purchased if the student is dropped or withdrawn from the program for any reason (unless airlines find reasonable cause). 

6. Passport must be valid at least six months after the final day of travel.

7. Student must follow the guidelines set forth in the Student Cultural Exchange Contract.

8. Student Clearance form must be signed and approved by student's teachers and counselor. 

9. Students who travel as part of this exchange program are viewed as representatives of the Northern Mariana Islands and must conduct themselves accordingly. 

10. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages or drugs, including the use of tobacco, betelnut and/or e-cigarettes will result in being dropped from participating in the program.

11. Additional rules and requirements may be added by the exchange board and chaperones as needed and students will be expected to follow them.


Food, Transportation, Lodging, Activities, Pocket Money:

  • All food, transportation, lodging and activities are covered by KSKK except for the airfare, travel insurance, and Tokyo Disneyland fee. The fee for Disneyland may change: Child (4-11) ¥4800, Junior (12-17) ¥6400, Adult (18+) ¥7400
  • Students will be responsible for their own pocket money unless a parent request chaperones to hold on to some or all money.
  • Students will stay with a host family for two (2) days and (2) nights. Students will more than likely not be partnered up with another student because most family homes are not big enough, unless in the country side of Japan. Although, it is completely normal for any child to become homesick, it is important to discuss this matter with him/her. Please keep in mind that host families live in different cities away from other host families where other students and chaperones will be staying. Remember, the whole purpose of this exchange program is to experience the lifestyle and culture of Japan. If you feel your child may not be rady being away from home, please consider having him/her participate the following year.
  • It is customary to present gifts in the Japanese culture when showing appreciation. Parents are encouraged to provide their child small gift items (i.e. dried mango, chocolate, "Saipan" labeled items, shell keis, key chains, etc.) to present to his/her host family.  




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