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TYPES of Services Under The Mayor's Office

Debris Removal 

Specify on the customer request from what kind of debris needs to be disposed. Please separate the debris if it's mixed and pile them in front of the property and not on the roadside. 

Things we can pick up: lumber, metals, white goods, green wastes, electronics

Things we do not pick up: household trash/garbage, cement, mixed debris. We do not pick up debris on business establishments. 


Clearing, brush-cutting, trash trailer, etc.


Clearing, brush-cutting, trash trailer, etc.

Junk Car Removal

Copy of the car registration must be provided. If the car does not belong to the requester, it needs to be tagged by the Zoning Office. 

Secondary Road Repair

Maintenance, repair, pave of secondary roads

Trash Trailer 

Trailer for hauling trash

Tree Pruning/ Cutting

Please contact Commonwealth Utilities Corp. (CUC), if the trees or vegetation is touching its power line.

For diging, please provide copy of land clearing permit from BECQ



Customer Service Request Form 


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