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Office of the Mayor of Saipan – “Twenty-two years since streets in Saipan were identified by names, homes and buildings in Saipan will soon be numbered, as today marks the beginning of an important public project that would complete the Saipan street naming and numbering system,” said Mayor David M. Apatang.  The project is estimated to take at least one year for every home and building to be numbered, assuming the mayor’s office street numbering division staff and its contractor, the firm of H.K. Pangelinan and Associates, LLC find homeowners and owners of commercial and non-commercial buildings during the onsite visits.  “There will be occasions when no one would be home and our team would have to return to the site later in the day or week,” said the mayor. 

Today, the first street address number was delivered to a resident of Koblerville, the first project area of the street numbering work.  Mr. and Ms. Gerald Muna received their home’s street address number from Ms. Janice Celis of the mayor’s office street numbering division and Mr. Frank Camacho of the H.K. Pangelinan and Associates, LLC engineering firm.  The street numbering team delivered the first street address number to Mr. and Ms. Muna. 


Mr. and Ms. Gerald Muna, center, holding up the street address number for their house in Koblerville,  with Frank Camacho to his right and Janice Celis to his left.


“We kindly ask the cooperation and support of the public to welcome Janice and Frank when they visit your home or commercial and non-commercial building to personally deliver your street address number,” requested Mayor Apatang.  The success of the street naming and numbering project depends on the public accepting it.  It is important today and for our future as we continue to improve how we conduct our everyday affairs and eliminate inefficiencies.


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