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The Mayor of Saipan

1 CMC §5101 creates Offices of the Mayors within the Commonwealth Government, composed of the duly-elected Mayors of Saipan, Rota, Tinian and Aguiguan, and the Northern Islands. Mayors are authorized to promulgate regulations on local matters as provided by law. The Mayor of Saipan is responsible for administering government programs, public services, and appropriations provided by law, for the island of Saipan. Furthermore, the Mayor coordinates various federal programs extended to the island. The core responsibilities of the Mayor of Saipan primarily involve services, programs, and other efforts that target the community.


Water Delivery

Secondary Road Repair, Maintenance, Improvements

Debris Clearing

Tree trimming / Landscaping

Animal Control

ID issuance

Marriage Ceremonies

Coordinate Annual Liberation Day Festivities

Coordinate Foreign Student Exchange Programs

Assist indigent families with funeral preparation

Disaster Recovery

Maintenance of various parks





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